Sunday, February 5, 2012

LCS Trade Day

On Wednesday,i went to my local card shop(ok,only card shop in the area-a good 21 miles from door to door-i calculated)and was told that on Saturday they had a trade day from 2-4pm.So expecting to see maybe 5-10 people,i brought a box of baseball,some new some old,to make trades with.

Got there around 11am because i forgot what the guy told me,was thinking 10-2,so i bought some cards,went to lunch and came back around 1pm.Well,from that point on shocked me,about 30-35 people came in that little store full of comics.

Earlier i said i bought cards from the store while waiting.First card out of the pack was the #1 prime 9 trade card for which the shop gave me the redemption of the Hank Aaron Home Run Legends card above.Sweet card.

The Nolan Ryan was one of many great inserts,but of course,no major pulls,did get in a drawing for a relic,well see???

The Crawford jersey numbered to 50 and the Bourn auto I got for trading a Bowman Strasberg that I received from Ebay last month for .15c shipping

The Crawford bowman chrome numbered to 50 and the Glavine tools of the trade card numbered to 50 I got for trading a  Jeter and 2 David Ortiz 2012 classic walkoff inserts of which i had duplicates already.

The Maddux epix card is numbered to 350 and is a great addition to my collection.

As you can see,i collect alot of numbered cards and players like Ryan,Maddux,Randy Johnson,Halladay,and batters like Crawford,Berkman,Sheffield,Ripken,and many more stars......but,Halladay,Maddux,Sheff,Crawford and Berkman- I have a ton of numbered cards under 25 and will always accept

Thanks for reading.


  1. I love the A&G autos... that Bourne auto is pretty darn nice!

  2. I agree w/ Dimwit - love the Bourne auto.