Saturday, February 25, 2012

2011-2012 NBA Hoops

2011-12 Panini Hoops Basketball Factory Sealed Blaster Box NEW!

The new Hoops cards from this year.

I was thinking about getting some packs,mainly because i saw the price point was only .99c a pack(retail,of course).

Now,i dont know.The box prices have gone nuts on ebay thanks to all of the "Linsanity".

I ran across some 10-11 Donruss cards and actually loved the Panini design(i miss Donruss baseball-the real stuff).

Who is going to collect this basketball set?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Vlad,Johnny,Manny and Raaaaauuuuuuulllllll

Vladimir Guerrero,Johnny Damon,Manny Ramirez and Raul Ibanez........

The 4 OF/DH types that could help a team in some way IF the price or situation is right.

Well,what is the price,hopefully not too much if they actually want to play with spring training starting in most places tomorrow.The leaves the situation,well,thats alot harder to figure out.

The A's could get one of these players and they have been rumored to Manny,but trade them come July 31st for more prospects of course.

The Yanks need/want a DH type to "fill in" when their players aren't in the DH role most of the year.

Who else?

Who else needs them? Who else wants them??

Too bad,some great careers coming close to an end.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Jorge Soler-Where are you going?

A fresh 19 year old outfielder from Cuba is now being entertained to offers to play in major league baseball.There are at least 8 teams that i have heard about wanting this alledged 5 tool player.

Where do you think he'll land?

Do you think he'll be a superstar or a bust?

Will it be a surprise team like Oakland getting Despedres(i think this is how you spell it)?

Oh,where oh where will Jorge Soler be to start 2012.....

Friday, February 10, 2012

Late 90's Color Explosion

I know,i know,nobody likes these overproduced cards from the late 90's.Actually,i do!!!!

Now that i'm back into the collecting and finishing off sets,i'm gonna see how close i am from knocking these explosive cards off my wantlists.

I really do like the design of the 1998 Circa Thunder cards-the "weirdness" (if thats a word)of the mixed up colors,I dont even think there are 2 cards alike and the 1997 Fleer Ultra cards are similiar to me in the sense of different team colors and a lot of sharp pictures(or pitchers-either spelling).

On another note.....If you have unwanted 2012 Gold Inserts,please go and read the post of the year and see why The Night Owl was the 2011 blog of the year.I just started reading these card blogs at beginning of this year and really enjoy his and about 30-40 more on a daily basis.Makes me want to sell some gold......

Sunday, February 5, 2012

LCS Trade Day

On Wednesday,i went to my local card shop(ok,only card shop in the area-a good 21 miles from door to door-i calculated)and was told that on Saturday they had a trade day from 2-4pm.So expecting to see maybe 5-10 people,i brought a box of baseball,some new some old,to make trades with.

Got there around 11am because i forgot what the guy told me,was thinking 10-2,so i bought some cards,went to lunch and came back around 1pm.Well,from that point on shocked me,about 30-35 people came in that little store full of comics.

Earlier i said i bought cards from the store while waiting.First card out of the pack was the #1 prime 9 trade card for which the shop gave me the redemption of the Hank Aaron Home Run Legends card above.Sweet card.

The Nolan Ryan was one of many great inserts,but of course,no major pulls,did get in a drawing for a relic,well see???

The Crawford jersey numbered to 50 and the Bourn auto I got for trading a Bowman Strasberg that I received from Ebay last month for .15c shipping

The Crawford bowman chrome numbered to 50 and the Glavine tools of the trade card numbered to 50 I got for trading a  Jeter and 2 David Ortiz 2012 classic walkoff inserts of which i had duplicates already.

The Maddux epix card is numbered to 350 and is a great addition to my collection.

As you can see,i collect alot of numbered cards and players like Ryan,Maddux,Randy Johnson,Halladay,and batters like Crawford,Berkman,Sheffield,Ripken,and many more stars......but,Halladay,Maddux,Sheff,Crawford and Berkman- I have a ton of numbered cards under 25 and will always accept

Thanks for reading.