Friday, February 10, 2012

Late 90's Color Explosion

I know,i know,nobody likes these overproduced cards from the late 90's.Actually,i do!!!!

Now that i'm back into the collecting and finishing off sets,i'm gonna see how close i am from knocking these explosive cards off my wantlists.

I really do like the design of the 1998 Circa Thunder cards-the "weirdness" (if thats a word)of the mixed up colors,I dont even think there are 2 cards alike and the 1997 Fleer Ultra cards are similiar to me in the sense of different team colors and a lot of sharp pictures(or pitchers-either spelling).

On another note.....If you have unwanted 2012 Gold Inserts,please go and read the post of the year and see why The Night Owl was the 2011 blog of the year.I just started reading these card blogs at beginning of this year and really enjoy his and about 30-40 more on a daily basis.Makes me want to sell some gold......

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