Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2012 Topps

2012 Topps is here.......and i got 3 Nolan Ryan's in 14 packs on his birthday......When they said "Gold",they weren't kidding.....i got 3 golden giveaway cards,4 timeless talents,4 golden greats including 2 different Ty Cobb's,3 gold standard(2 pitcured and Bob Gibson),3 gold parallels,1 gold future,5 golden moments,3 classic walk-offs,and 5 1987 topps minis...........and,of course,no major hit.....kinda expected that coming from retail.

On Wed,when hobby stores get the cards.....i will travel 17 miles one way to the only card shop in the Montgomery,Alabama area........

Kinda cut off the minis.....hey,there small anyways!!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Waiting and Waiting and Waiting

The 2012 baseball season is almost here.......its hard waiting and waiting and ....well,you know,waiting

So,a great distraction is only a few days away.......the 2012 Collecting Season is here,the new 2012 Topps will be out in a few days.

Its a time of year that means that Spring Training is just about to start.

For card collectors,it means no more spending money on old product or on ebay,its all about the 2012 stuff.Wantlists get forgotten about,put aside,lost,you name it........

The baseball season is almost here.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Wantlists

This will be a work in progress,as i'm old school and use a small memo book to list them.

I'll start by saying i'm close to finishing off a few sets=2001 Topps,2003 Topps,2000 Ultra,2001 MVP,2001 Tradition,2001 Victory,2005 Topps,2006 Fleer,2005 Tradition

Then there are sets i'm after because of my absence from the hobby the last 5 years that i want to collect.....just started some of these=09 OPC-regular and black border,2008 Topps,2009 Topps,2010 Topps,2003 Donruss,2002 Topps-series 2

Player collections include Roy Halladay(many numbered),Carl Crawford,Gary Sheffield(only numbered),Lance Berkman,Nolan Ryan,Cal Ripken,etc

I'll try and specific numbers as i get close and/or i have the time to list them here.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Prince of Belle Isle

Yes,its finally official,Prince Fielder signs with the team everyone was talking about the Nats,wait.....the Cubs,wait.....going back to the Brew Crew,wait.....seriously,when SuperAgent Scott Boras mentions a mystery team,i guess he ain't kiddin'.
Prince signs with the Tigers for 9 years to go with DH Victor Martinez and 1B Miguel Cabrera.

They can work on where everyone will play when they need to,as a fan of 29 teams i think its great that hes not going to the Yankees.

Was there anyone that saw this one coming?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Airbrushed again

Albert Pujols 2012 Topps card 331

I quit collecting cards back when the "famous Jeter card" came out in 2007,you know,the one with Mantle and Pres. Bush in it.It was the last straw for me back then,Ebay was a joke,Topps making cards up to make them sell better on the open market.

The cards should be what they are,about collecting for the enjoyment.Thats why i came back in 2011 and I really love collecting again,and yes,i still buy and sell on Ebay.

At least last year and this year,they made these cards SP cards and NOT part of the regular set.I,for one,will NOT collect them as part of the regular sets,i didn't for Crawford or AGone,and i wont for Pujols(above)and Reyes.

Redsox Vs. Yankees

I know its early,but here we go again.

Yankees finally make official the trade of Michael Pineda to the Bombers for Jesus Montero,then the Sox go ahead and trade Scutaro away and now looks like they will sign Cody Ross and maybe Roy Oswalt.

Its starting early this year.

On another note,one of the core 4 of the Yankees is "officially" retiring tomorrow....finally.Do you think he's going to Cooperstown?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Favorite Cards

 A few cards from my collection.

The Ripken is numbered 001/100,my number one favorite.Book value of $250.00,but worth more to me because of what he meant to the game.

Haven't quite figured out how to size these cards on the blog yet,guess i should fix my scanner? Or go take a class on computers? I'm old school.

The Gretzky/Messier is also an awesome card = dual jerseys.
I've got dozens of Sheffield numbered cards.

What are some of your favorite cards?

Thanks for reading.

Friday, January 20, 2012

2012 Goals

Yes,a new year for cards and a new small budget to buy them with......unlike $30 a week habit , i dont think i can afford that much per week,but when new boxes come out,hey there's no telling.

Then i calculated $30 x 52 weeks and it said $1,560.00 for the year.....i spent more then that from April on last year,ouch!!.....wow,thats alot of money i dont have,no wonder i'm always broke.

Now i'm depressed...well thats kinda good,might help me sleep.

See ya'll later(i'm orginally from New Orleans)(and miss Mardi Gras badly)


Its always fun to get off work,like i did 40 minutes ago,turn on the computer and go to my ebay and find out i sold some cards.
Like Mr. Night Owl ,i work overnight and have so for 17 out of the last 24 years including the last 26 months and yes,i started collecting in 1975 like him as well.

Now on to reading your blogs,this is fun.

Thanks for blogging and thanks for reading mine.

Your wantlists

As i have stated before,i have been looking in on these card blogs for 3 weeks now and found many cards for people to trade,however,i having a hard time knowing how to get in touch with people.....like i said,new to blogging......when i click on someone's profile and it says "email" ,i click it and it says,its not set up right......i'm assuming its meaning me and not you guys,so what am i doing wrong here....any help is welcome.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Prince of ??

Wow,my first post and i cant even spellcheck.....like i said,i'm new to blogging.

All right,where in the world does everyone think the Prince will sign with.I,for one,think it will be wherever Scott Boros can get his a#$ kissed the most....sorry,hate that guy.

As a fan,i kinda hope it will be a place like the Nats or even the M's so that new teams can start winning games....what do you think?

Hi to everyone

I new to the Blogging scene,but not new to the Baseball or card collecting.Been collecting since 1975(yeah,i'm really old and feel it too) and have waaaaayyyyyy too much stuff.

Accidently found these card blogs about 3 weeks ago and thought "Wow,other card collectors that are positive about the hobby".I hyave really enjoyed reading about 40 of you guys so far on a daily basis and will continue to do so and hope you guys start reading mine as well.

I will try and post things about baseball and baseball cards and every once and a while,other sportscards.Now that i bored you for five minutes,i'll sign off.

Thanks for reading,Cool Breeze

P.S. Just a nickname........