Friday, May 11, 2012

A. L. Report

First post in a series on the standings throughout the year.

The American League

Baltimore        20-12 ---
Tampa Bay      20-12 ---
Toronto           18-14  2.0
New York       17-14  2.5
Boston             12-19  7.5

One word comes to mind,WOW...never did I think that the powerhouse/money guys would be 4th and 5th.....yeah,I predicted the Yanks to be 4th,but,that was just because I hate them.

I hope the O's can continue to actually play good against the Yanks,they usually never do.

Go Rays and Jays.

Cleveland       18-13  ---
Detroit            16-15  2.0
Chicago          15-17  3.5
Kansas City    11-19  6.5
Minnesota        8-23  10.0

Only comment here is how bad the Royals are showing themselves so far.I figured Minnesota would not have a great year and it doesn't surprise me at all.

Texas             21-11  ---
Oakland         16-16  5.0
Seattle            15-18  6.5
Los Angeles   14-18  7.0

Texas is slowly running away with it,but I wont count out the Angels.The A's are playing above their heads and it will slow down soon.

So,if season ended yesterday,the O's and Rays would have to have a one game playoff for the division title and loser would play the Jays for the Wild Card in another one-game playoff.

The Indians and Rangers would also be,no Angels,Redsox,Yanks or Tigers....Oh my.

I know its early,but Wow,things are not going that great in a few cities so far and I haven't even done the N.L. yet.

Any comments?