Sunday, February 19, 2012

Vlad,Johnny,Manny and Raaaaauuuuuuulllllll

Vladimir Guerrero,Johnny Damon,Manny Ramirez and Raul Ibanez........

The 4 OF/DH types that could help a team in some way IF the price or situation is right.

Well,what is the price,hopefully not too much if they actually want to play with spring training starting in most places tomorrow.The leaves the situation,well,thats alot harder to figure out.

The A's could get one of these players and they have been rumored to Manny,but trade them come July 31st for more prospects of course.

The Yanks need/want a DH type to "fill in" when their players aren't in the DH role most of the year.

Who else?

Who else needs them? Who else wants them??

Too bad,some great careers coming close to an end.

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