Monday, March 5, 2012

Really,3 days in a row

Dont get me wrong,i'm glad there is a channel on my TV that actually has baseball games to watch.MLB Network is and has been the best network on my television for years now.


Yankees VS. Phillies for 3 days in a row,come on.I mean on Sunday,the network showed 3 games that all started at 1pm est.,so of course they pick the Yanks game to be live and the other 2 to be shown on tape delay including Stephen Strasburg's first outing.

Today at least,all 3 games being shown at going to be live,but they cant come up with another game for 1pm,seriously.

If you cant tell,i'm NOT  a Yankees fan and am always sick to my stomach if i have to listen to that egomaniac Michael Kay.....the funny thing is i have always loved Ken Singleton going back to when he played for the O's in the 70's.

At least i can see how the Phils are coming along w/out Howard.

Wins and losses are never important to me during the spring,just hearing the crack of the bat,the catcher's mitt pop and the homeruns and when i used to live where the Nats play,the smell of the popcorn.

Thanks for reading my rant.

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