Monday, January 23, 2012

Airbrushed again

Albert Pujols 2012 Topps card 331

I quit collecting cards back when the "famous Jeter card" came out in 2007,you know,the one with Mantle and Pres. Bush in it.It was the last straw for me back then,Ebay was a joke,Topps making cards up to make them sell better on the open market.

The cards should be what they are,about collecting for the enjoyment.Thats why i came back in 2011 and I really love collecting again,and yes,i still buy and sell on Ebay.

At least last year and this year,they made these cards SP cards and NOT part of the regular set.I,for one,will NOT collect them as part of the regular sets,i didn't for Crawford or AGone,and i wont for Pujols(above)and Reyes.


  1. This decision solidifies my decision not to build the 2012 set. Yes I'm still looking forward to the set and opening packs, but I have no desire to build the set anymore.

  2. Same here. Will most likely pick up a couple of hanger packs just to check them out.