Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2012 Topps

2012 Topps is here.......and i got 3 Nolan Ryan's in 14 packs on his birthday......When they said "Gold",they weren't kidding.....i got 3 golden giveaway cards,4 timeless talents,4 golden greats including 2 different Ty Cobb's,3 gold standard(2 pitcured and Bob Gibson),3 gold parallels,1 gold future,5 golden moments,3 classic walk-offs,and 5 1987 topps minis...........and,of course,no major hit.....kinda expected that coming from retail.

On Wed,when hobby stores get the cards.....i will travel 17 miles one way to the only card shop in the Montgomery,Alabama area........

Kinda cut off the minis.....hey,there small anyways!!


  1. what will you buy, and how much will you spend? (just sampling the blogger out there!)

  2. Not sure i understand the question....but i will buying cards all year of series 1+2 and maybe update,as for other sets this year,i want to see what heritage's different years will look like-1980,etc.

    I'm more of a set collector followed by certain players from the past and i add new players to my collection every once and a while.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog