Friday, January 20, 2012

2012 Goals

Yes,a new year for cards and a new small budget to buy them with......unlike $30 a week habit , i dont think i can afford that much per week,but when new boxes come out,hey there's no telling.

Then i calculated $30 x 52 weeks and it said $1,560.00 for the year.....i spent more then that from April on last year,ouch!!,thats alot of money i dont have,no wonder i'm always broke.

Now i'm depressed...well thats kinda good,might help me sleep.

See ya'll later(i'm orginally from New Orleans)(and miss Mardi Gras badly)


  1. Hello Roger! Welcome to blogging!

    As far as the email thingie... when you click on someone's profile, it will automatically open your "preferred email program" with the person's email address already in the address line. If you use windows like I do, and do not have your operating system recognizing a particular email host like Hotmail or Microsoft, then you will get that error message that you see.

    Hopefully that made a little sense.
    As for my email ....

    volleygod67 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  2. Welcome to the blogosphere CB! Good luck with the blog and have fun!!