Friday, February 28, 2014

2014 Donruss

There back.....9 years ago was the last "regular" Donruss set that was around. Now there back
better than ever. Oh...wait....that's right, no team logos. OK. Should be at least a 400 count set.
Nope.... a bunch of inserts.....finally a winner.

Was just part of a group break, watched a few others in the last 2 days and I would like to say,
YES......Donruss is back. You see, I'm probably one of the FEW people who really loved the
Donruss basic sets of the past. My best all-time pull is from a Donruss pack(1998 Purple Crusade
Cal Ripken numbered 001/100).

The cards that I have seen so far and reading over the checklist makes me want to buy a ton of it,
like the old days, but I have to be financially sound right now.

Let me know your comments.

Thanks for reading.

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