Friday, February 28, 2014

2014 Donruss

There back.....9 years ago was the last "regular" Donruss set that was around. Now there back
better than ever. Oh...wait....that's right, no team logos. OK. Should be at least a 400 count set.
Nope.... a bunch of inserts.....finally a winner.

Was just part of a group break, watched a few others in the last 2 days and I would like to say,
YES......Donruss is back. You see, I'm probably one of the FEW people who really loved the
Donruss basic sets of the past. My best all-time pull is from a Donruss pack(1998 Purple Crusade
Cal Ripken numbered 001/100).

The cards that I have seen so far and reading over the checklist makes me want to buy a ton of it,
like the old days, but I have to be financially sound right now.

Let me know your comments.

Thanks for reading.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Starting Over

Wow.....its been a year since I posted anything. A crappy job will do that to you.

Enough about the past.

2014 Topps

I have read numerous other blogs with opinions about the cards and I will give mine.

Base- not at all bad looking, the "down the right side team name" is too much like the Bowman cards
Gold- same old, same old...... how many years in a row now
Red Target and Blue Walmart- I like it and have no idea why
Red Hot Foil- I rather the green from last year, looks too much like the Target cards
Yellow and Green- the A's cards are outstanding..... other than that just 2 more colors in Topps idea of a rainbow
Power Players- another year, another gimmick
SP'S- different pictures like last year is fine, but having to examine every card for a sparkle, come on

89 Topps Minis- really, die cuts of be kind, not good
Upper Class- everytime I see this listed, I think Upper Deck....not happening for me
Future is Now- another excuse to add 3 more cards of certain players
Super Veterans- like the idea, would have loved it if they did NOT use gold foil
All-Rookie Cup Team- again, another excuse.....also hate the grey coloring
50 Years of the Draft- nice idea, nice look to them, kinda reminds me of the early 80's look of draft pick cards but better feel than the cardboard ones

Overall, I actually like this product..... but waiting for Bowman to come out

That's my opinions

Always looking for Texas Rangers, Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Cowboys, and Dallas Stars

Thanks for looking

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

2013 Blaster Weekend

Went to Target and found some Blasters from 2013 Topps and here are the best of that group.

Love the Boggs and got 2 SSP cards to put on Ebay or trade.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Everything New Again

A new house.......a new state......a new baseball season is almost here.

First off,i now live in Texas,closer to an actual team(Rangers are 20 minutes from my work,about a hour from home).

Second,got a new job,one that will let me have time to post a blog topic a little more often,and able me to read all of the great blogs that i have missed for the last 7 months.

Third,comment about how far off i was in my predictions for 2012.

And Forth but not least(i know thats the wrong spelling-but i now live in Fort Worth,Tx.)......i get to collect cards again.

Thanks for reading and i welcome your comments and/or complaints.

Roger(Cool Breeze)